About Us

Mullaco was established in 1973, by Cassim and Hajra Mulla. From its humble roots in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, the business is now in its third generation as an ever expanding family concern. Presently operated by Yousuf Mulla and his, family God Willing, we hope to continue serving not only the locals but the entire UK population with our Authentic Asian Halal Foods.

Our Operations

Mullaco Ltd deals direct with most of the major importers and manufacturers in Europe and hence not only give you thousands of quality products but also the lowest of prices. We specialise in Asian foods from India, Pakistan, Middle Eastern countries, Bosnia, South Africa, Europe and some far Eastern countries.

Our original store is in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Batley. This has been running for over 37 years. This is our life-line. The store that made us pioneers in our field, and the store which gave us the motivation to move further afield and to continue to excel.

We thus started our on-line operation in 2006. Mullaco.com was established. Our first order for over £110 was “lost in the system” by the courier, with no recompense in those days. But that did not put us off. We learnt the hard way and we now have a solid footing in this field with years of experience, and thousands of regular satisfied customers. To date, this was managed from our store.

This business was not sustainable from the store, as basically, it was bursting at the seams. We then went ahead with the building of a brand new state of the art Meat Cutting Plant, FSA Approved and HMC Approved. We can now supply any business with full traceability and best of all, have the confidence that our quality will be the best. The whole plant is temperature controlled, and each section segregated, i.e separate chicken, meat and packing rooms. Our beef ageing chamber is our pride and joy, as steak-houses and quality restaurants and their clienteles appreciate the superb quality of steaks we provide. Our business has grown tremendously in the past year and so has our buying power. We have the facility and the strength to buy big and be very keen in our prices, without compromising on quality and provenance.

Additional and adjacent to our Meat Cutting Plant we also setup our Mullaco Cash & Carry. A one stop shop for big-buyers. Large families, or traders, caterers or cooks, schools and colleges, SOHO (small office , home office) B2B (business to business) B2C (business to customer), whatever you are. We are here to supply and fulfil your food needs. The Cash & Carry is also the place where we have our latest method of Self-Service meat counter. All fresh meats are packed in MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging) or Vacuum Packaging. This enhances the life, improves presentation, give customer satisfaction as its packed hygienically under strict temperature controlled conditions. Each pack is labelled so you can freeze it or use it after a few days. Our customers just love it.

So what are you waiting for? Come and give us a visit. Want to talk business or just have a nosey, come on down to Batley, have a Capacinno (when you mention that you’ve read our “About Us” page and we promise you’ll save loads of money and improve the quality of your food.