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Q. I have been asked to explain the process of Qurbani at Mullaco Cash & Carry (part of Mullaco ltd.)

A. Firstly, I praise the Almighty that I have been given this opportunity to part of this virtuous act of our Prophets (May Allah be pleased with them).

The act of Qurbani is Ibadah (worship) and not merely the purchase of an animal to consume or share. Hence, it is paramount that all the rights and duties are performed in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. There is very little information readily available to the public on the issue of Qurbani, hence at Mullaco Cash & Carry we have taken years of experience and close guidance from senior scholars to ensure your Qurbani is accepted.


Orders start being taken at Mullaco Cash & Carry shortly after Ramadan, We make one person the Waqeel (agent or trustee). Myself and the owner talk to the owners of the slaughter house regarding the price of the animals, the animal size we are looking for, the age they have to be meaning 6 months or over for lambs as long they look like one year old animals, we only go for big lambs at the moment because a lot of the lambs this time of year are under 6 months old so better to go for bigger lamb. Once we get the cost price of the lambs/sheep me and the owner decide the selling price + the cutting charge, then we tell the Waqeel what price to sell the animals at. At no point is the Waqeel involved in purchasing the animals from the slaughter house, he sells at the same price which is given to him by the owner and myself.

The day before Eid myself with the Waqeel and 2/3 staff go to the slaughter house where the animals are, there we pick the animals for our customers, we check all the animals for good health. On the sheep and hogget’s ( a lamb which is now past 12 to 24 months old, but not yet a sheep) we check the teeth of each animal , out of the ones we check many of the animals are not ok for Qurbani because they are limping so bad that they can't put there leg down, some animals are blind some are injured many animals have too many or all teeth missing making them not suitable for Qurbani, we only pick the best quality animals, sadly the animals we reject are slaughtered for Qurbani for other outlets.

All our animals are put into animal pens ready for slaughter next day, we spend 4 to 6 hours day before eid with our staff sorting the animals out. On the day of eid about 8 staff including the Waqeel go to the slaughter house there we offer our eid Salah ( it is necessary to offer Eid Salah in a town where there are no masjids and Muslims live in the town eg Osset, Liversedge. If Eid Salah is not performed then the animals cannot be slaughtered in that town).

After Eid Salah when it's our turn for slaughter the animals from our pens are taken for slaughter our staff are present when animals are taken from pens so no mistake can happen and only the animals we have personally checked are taken for slaughter, at the slaughter point we have one of our staff there with a list of customer names who have placed orders for Qurbani, as the animal comes to slaughter ,our staff gives the name to the slaughter man before slaughter so the animals are slaughtered on the customer names(very important the animal must belong to the person before slaughter for Qurbani to be accepted). The animals after slaughter are hung onto the monorail , at the other end we have staff waiting with customer list same as the staff at the slaughter end ,as the animals come round on the monorail they are tagged with the customer no, we hope the customer gets the same animal that has been slaughtered on his name, but there is a chance the animals are Mixed up

The reason is because the lines are running so fast now a days that not always the animal that has been slaughtered first goes on monorail first, also the animal may fall of the monorail or inspector may quarantine a certain animal. For this reason we have a declaration written on our process that in the event of a mix up the customer forgive us and forgive each other. We have come up with this process after talking to mufti Yusuf sacha Saheb and mufti Moosa badat Saheb DB. 


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