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  • 100% Organic All Natural Toothbrush,¬†Bad Breath Cure,¬†Benefits of Miswak,¬†Cure Tooth Decay,¬†Heal Teeth Naturally,¬†Miswak,¬†Miswak Stick,¬†Oral Hygiene,¬†Organic Miswak,¬†Prevent and Heal Cavities,¬†Quit Smoking Naturally,¬†Tooth Cleaning,¬†Whiten Teeth

  • Dabur brings you the gift of nature in Dabur Miswak! Enriched with the pure extract of Miswak or the¬†"Toothbrush Tree"¬†Dabur Miswak has powerful natural astringent and anti bacterial properties to help prevent tooth decay and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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